Apostolakis Diesel Service company (ADS) started its activities in 1980, offering high quality services for diesel injection systems from small vehicles to heavy duty vehicles and engines (such as: lorries, agricultural machinery, earth-moving machinery and marine diesel engines).
Nowdays injection diesel engines are becoming more and more popular. However, the diagnostic and repair methods of these systems are complex and requires high-quality control equipment, specialized tools, and most of all Know how and continues training.
Today ADS is qualifed to diagnosing, repairing or replacing diesel injection systems of all manufacturers and types and develops a perspective wholesale and retail network of diesel components in south of Greece.

In ADS company we differ becouse:

  •         We continuously invest in modern technological control equipment and tools.
  •         We ensure systematic update training for our staff.
  •         We provide total solutions, optimum quality services and componets trading in competitive prices.
  •         We offer high service speed  and support to our customers before and after the sale.

In consequence, Apostolakis Diesel Service company (ADS)  is your ideal partnerfor any  diesel system, regardless of manufacturer and type.